IPA: pʌsˈɪfɪk


  • The Pacific Ocean.
  • A municipality of Franklin County, Missouri, United States.
  • (rail transport) A steam locomotive of the 4-6-2 wheel arrangement.


  • Calm, peaceful.
  • Preferring peace by nature; avoiding violence.
  • Related to the Pacific Ocean.

Examples of "pacific" in Sentences

  • The pacific seahorse is nocturnal.
  • He attended the University of the Pacific.
  • The movie is exported to the faraway Pacific.
  • The pacification of the Church was not secured.
  • He graduated from the University of the Pacific.
  • It is the same problem of the moais in the pacific.
  • The Japanese were the Lords of the Pacific and China.
  • It is in the isthmus facing the north of the Pacific Ocean.
  • It is the smallest and most abundant of the Pacific salmon.
  • In 1881. it was the base for the final campaign of pacification.
  • Getting across the pacific is a big 24 hour fixed cost followed by jet lag.
  • "person" but yet in 1886 in Southern pacific v Santa Clara County, Corporations were declared
  • But the pacific is only a miniseries, so it's not really fair to compare other tv series to that.
  • So with warships he and his allies established what he called a pacific blockade on Venezuelan ports.
  • Ask anyone that fought in pacific if they would have wanted to root japs out of caves without a flame thrower!!!
  • Americanism, untainted and unvarnished by a hyphen or an "ism," especially when the word pacific precedes the latter.
  • So, which is it, global warming causeing snow storms on the east coast or unusually warm weather in pacific North West?
  • It could be very significant, however, but they don't anticipate that it's going to be moving out throughout the pacific, and so it won't be what we call a pacific wide tsunami.

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