IPA: pʌsˈɪfɪsɪzʌm


  • A moderate form of political pacifism which allows the use of violence against those seeking to commit greater violence.
  • General ethical opposition to war or violence; pacifism broadly stated.

Examples of "pacificism" in Sentences

  • However I don't see anything there about pacificism.
  • People might appreciate India's history of pacificism.
  • They gave your generous spirit another name—pacificism….
  • As for "pacificism": Canadians support talks with Taliban: poll
  • However, the notability of the pacificism is still to be proved.
  • I'll deal with the pacificism later, if you feel so strongly about it.
  • Mostly, however, I check myself out of some sense of pacificism or diplomacy which often leaves me feeling like a coward.
  • At the Alamo, where Nugent told the crowd to "take a breath of the blood in the air," Beck's sudden pacificism was a major downer.
  • Under the legislation, people with philosophical views such as pacificism and humanism could also seek protection from discrimination.
  • Is that the resource equivalent of Heinlein’s observation in Starship Troopers that peace achieved through pacificism is impossible because any culture that practices it will soon be wiped out by those who don’t? —
  • The agent's report, described as "results of investigation of Pittsburgh antiwar activity," characterized the Merton Center as a "left-wing organization advocating, among many political causes, pacificism [sic]," according to the IG report.
  • W.r had naturally produced its machinery for dealing with dissenters, sympathizers with the enemy, and those who deprecated or opposed war altogether; and it was the easiest thing in the world to extend the repression to those who held exceptional or unpopular views, like the Socialists and members of the I.W.W. It was plausible to charge these associations with being under the guidance of foreigners, with "pacificism" and a general tendency to disloyalty.

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