IPA: pˈæsʌfaɪɝ


  • Someone or something that pacifies.
  • (Canada, US) A rubber or plastic device imitating a nipple that goes into a baby’s mouth, used to calm and quiet the baby.

Examples of "pacifier" in Sentences

  • The lips could also be traded for a pacifier.
  • Their goal is to be amiable and to be a pacifier.
  • I saw the comments in the pacifier discussion page.
  • Oh, and this is new: don't call a pacifier a pacifier.
  • The theme restaurant, as a pacifier, is a stroke of genius.
  • Have you had to help a child break a pacifier or thumb habit?
  • The baby's pacifier was already changed for the french release.
  • The pacifier was a life-saver and there was no nipple confusion.
  • This isn't an article for the pacifier manufacturing association.
  • I agree about the word “suck” but I do use it often, mainly because my nephew calls his pacifier his “suck”.
  • I will not refer to my baby's weight as a sign of my virility (yes, people do that) 7. a pacifier is a pacifier, not a "binky."
  • I am an avid promoter of breastfeeding but to call it “offensive” for a child to use a bottle or pacifier is incredibly unfair to parents.
  • Manufactured in: ChinaRemedy: Consumers should immediately take the recalled pacifier away from children and contact Top Goods Trading for a refund or exchange.

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