IPA: pˈæsɪfɪzʌm


  • The support of peace, specifically:
  • The conviction that it is morally wrong to settle disputes (especially between countries) by war or other violent means.
  • The ethical avoidance of inflicting harm on others in one's daily life.
  • The combination of the above two philosophical viewpoints.
  • (video games, roguelikes) The additional challenge of winning a game without harming any enemy characters.

Examples of "pacifism" in Sentences

  • Hawk & Dove would be interesting, seeing two brothers debate militarism and pacifism from a Japanese perspective.
  • But as I've emphasized, one person's pacifism is highly unlikely to change the outcome of a war, so in marginalist terms, it isn't really a cost.
  • My dad's sense of pacifism is only outweighed by his sense of responsibility, which is why he didn't high-tail it to Canada four years earlier than he did.
  • Schreiber's "absolute" commitment to what he calls pacifism will not help him argue with those who hold an equally "absolute" commitment to, say, the virtues of "struggle."
  • But you are willing to use the label pacifism, and are willing to trace your whole life to the moment in which you adopted that word as what you were going to to be about and doing.
  • Wonderful work here from Turner, and there may be a handful of others, but it feels like pacifism is some sort of black sin in these days of “support the troops” no matter their mission.
  • The fact that the author seems to so terribly miss the point of pacifism is odd because another strong message that he tries to convey in this book is that there is something human in all of us that we can all recognize and that our shared humaness has nothing to do with our beliefs about any particlular invisible diety.
  • In contrast to contemporary feminist anti-militarist pronouncements that the logical outcome of women's innate pacifism is abstention and objection to all wars, Parren presented a hybrid archetype which carefully fused the anti-militarism embodied in the 'Moral Mother' (although she at no point articulated it as such or used the term herself) and the strength and independence of the 'Just Warrior' into a unified personality.

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