IPA: pˈæsɪfɪstɪk


  • Of or pertaining to pacifism.

Examples of "pacifistic" in Sentences

  • The United States represented power; Europe represented a postpolitical, pacifistic “paradise.”
  • Or maybe her parents are very, very pacifistic and would freak out if she had been getting in fights.
  • "Some Germans have become pacifistic and have forgotten about responsibility," says Mr. Glos, the conservative lawmaker.
  • Such a response is perverse, however, if Rousseff seeks to live up to Brazil's stated goal of pushing a pacifistic foreign policy.
  • Rick Perry's violent, shortsighted rhetoric continues to undermine the work of Texas' historically pacifistic presidential candidates.
  • About 4,000 people, described as pacifistic, lived in three hamlets and led a difficult life of farming, reclaiming land, and cutting firewood.
  • Nimoy developed both the pacifistic Vulcan Nerve Pinch and the two-fingered Vulcan salute; the latter is reportedly based on a Jewish blessing.
  • But British researcher Sally McNamara of the Washington-based Heritage Foundation doubts whether a new document from the alliance will change what she calls the "pacifistic" trend in many European countries.

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