IPA: pˈeɪsɪŋ


  • The act of moving in paces, or their arrangement or timing.

Examples of "pacing" in Sentences

  • Given the length of the book, the pacing is about what you'd expect.
  • Accepting that "pacing" is very important and then carrying it out with "the skill of a dancer"?
  • Not only has the standardization of curriculum begot test-prep and boredom, but "pacing" is its toxic spawn.
  • I recommend reading it to anyone who enjoys the science fiction, especially military science fiction (although the pacing is a bit slower than your typical mil sf).
  • But I think the pacing is a bit off in the switch-over between the Jake-writing-at-18 and Jake-writing-at-23 sections; the book bottoms out and takes a little while to get back into gear.
  • A seething Mick Malthouse, who spent the last seven minutes of the term pacing the boundary line, galloped onto the field on the quarter-time siren and immediately called his players together for an old-fashioned 'bake'.
  • The visuals are really good, the pacing is a teensy bit slow at first but overwhelmingly solid, the direction is about 85% outstanding, the storytelling elements are all present and accounted for, the setting is a novel one (more or less), the acting is fine, the characters aren't too stupid to breathe but they're not smart enough to see the whole threat in time to do something about it ... and here's where this review must take a turn for the strange: even so, The Abandoned doesn't work.

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