pack animal

IPA: pˈækˈænʌmʌɫ


  • A domesticated animal used to carry heavy items.
  • A wild animal that lives and hunts in packs

Examples of "pack-animal" in Sentences

  • "Get on that horse," she commanded, pointing to the pack-animal.
  • He owned his own horse and blankets, sometimes also a pack-animal.
  • You see the bobbing ears of a pack-animal and the dusty hat and stoop shoulders of a man.
  • Said nutsack still sets the gold standard for pack-animal genitalia-related verbiage, though this comes close.
  • But being a true son of the open, he wanted to see the country; so he decided to travel horseback, with a pack-animal.
  • When all was in readiness for a start he gave the mustang he had ridden to Shefford, and walked, leading the pack-animal.
  • They should contain small quantities for immediate use of the provisions the main stock of which is carried on another pack-animal.
  • Sunday-school parties, where he had been a most useful pack-animal, and, dressing her in her best with his big calloused hands, watched her from the window join a group of the other children.
  • For a few years fabulous sums of the precious metal had been extracted from the ground by the hordes of treasure-seekers who had come from all over the world by boat, pack-animal or "prairie schooner," around
  • The army had now passed beyond the scope of a camel, or other pack-animal, system of supply, except for very short distances, and it was obvious that they could only advance in future along either the railway or a navigable reach of the river, and preferably along both.

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