package tour

IPA: pˈækʌdʒtʊr


  • A package holiday involving a tour from place to place.

Examples of "package-tour" in Sentences

  • Prices are cheap by package-tour standards, but they're still far beyond the means of most of the world's poor.
  • The proposed King Shaka airport should not be designed as a primary entry point into South Africa, but as a package-tour destination.
  • But it was Rockwell's genius to recognize that themed architecture shouldn't just be enjoyed by the package-tour habituEs of Vegas or Times Square.
  • Associated Press XL check-in desks at London's Gatwick Airport were closed Friday after the package-tour carrier halted operations, stranding thousands.
  • All six states reported an increase of around 20.5% in package-tour prices from November, although compared to the year earlier prices were generally down.
  • Based on the festival / package-tour concept, the "Progressive Nation" tour will also include tribute act Zappa Plays Zappa and Swedish outfits Pain of Salvation and Beardfish.
  • Degriftour, a major French package-tour vendor, has just switched its offerings from the Minitel to the Internet, and expects to generate v45 million in net sales over the next 12 months.
  • In many cases, official agents have subcontracted sales of tickets to package-tour operators, who still have tickets available in packages that include things like hotels and guided tours.
  • But in Thailand's northern highlands, travellers will find an alternative to package-tour holidays with eco-tour treks into the hills to get a glimpse of life among the region's traditional hill tribes.
  • U. K.'s XL Collapses The shakeout of Europe's airline industry gathered pace as a British package-tour carrier halted operations and Scandinavian carrier SAS AB said it is "evaluating various structural possibilities" and that it is in talks about a "possible solution."

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