packaged goods

IPA: pˈækɪdʒdgʊdz


  • Synonym of groceries

Examples of "packaged-goods" in Sentences

  • It also has a larger business providing purchasing data to consumer packaged-goods companies to help them shape their strategies.
  • Starbucks is launching its instant coffee packets in China, expanding its business beyond coffee stores and entering the Chinese market as a consumer packaged-goods company.
  • I wrote about packaged-goods marketing and the impact of food on health for more than a decade, typed the words "obesity crisis" so many times I thought my fingers might bleed.
  • "We did some customer research, and there were a few things people weren't happy with," says Michelle Feeney , chief executive of PZ Cussons, a London-based packaged-goods marketer that owns the St. Tropez brand.
  • "This is a time to test your pricing power rather than assuming, as you may have a year ago, that you had little or no pricing power," said Frank Luby, a partner at consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners who works with consumer packaged-goods firms.

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