IPA: pˈækɪdʒɪŋ


  • The act of packing something.
  • The materials used to pack something.
  • The industry that produces such material.
  • (by extension) The manner in which a person or product is promoted.

Examples of "packaging" in Sentences

  • The number provided in my packaging is actually MSN not dell.
  • Using easily recyclable glass apothecary type bottles and tins the packaging is also sustainable.
  • Wouldn't some genuine literary criticism be a more suitable response than criticism of the flaws in "packaging"?
  • The clear plastic like film used in much of her packaging is actually a biodegradable film made from corn called Earthfirst PLA.
  • Most bags Terracycle makes reuse virgin packaging material that, for one reason or another, is rejected by the packaging machines.
  • Secure Sales Solutions says their packaging is an efficient low cost security packaging and encourages responsible consumer disposal through easy recycling.
  • Within the packaging is an offer to send away for a traditional Simpsons DVD box, so the anal retentive among us can have the sets line up in order nice and neat.
  • Over time Terracycle has established relationships with large food products companies such as Kraft/General Foods and receives all their virgin packaging material that could not be used by the production equipment and that would otherwise be burned.

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