IPA: pˈækt


  • Put into a package.
  • Filled with a large number or large quantity of something.
  • (colloquial) Filled to capacity with people.

Examples of "packed" in Sentences

  • The food was packed by the clerk.
  • The liver is packed to stop the bleeding.
  • The centre of the wall was packed with earth.
  • These spiders live and feast on the protein packed tips of the acacia tree leaves.
  • This is Quechua for Padrecito, a word packed with cariño, affection, and a charming intimacy.
  • Here, in packed harbours beside the narrow trail, sleds and men waited for runners that were still behind.
  • I was at the march for immigration reform on the mall yesterday (which was packed from the capitol to the national monument).
  • PLUS putting up signs of "DO NOT PACK", PLUS keeping an eye on the closet to be be sure it isn't packed is what you'll need to do.
  • This was high-quality tennis, and the fans in packed Rod Laver Arena were on the edge of their seats as neither player gave an inch.
  • Every penny will matter and will make the difference between our kids getting a decent education or being droned-at in packed classes.
  • I had two men on board that had been in the Greenland trade; the one of them in a ship that lay nine weeks, and the other in one that lay six weeks, fast in this kind of ice, which they called packed ice.
  • Stones wrapped in packed ice and directed hard at windows of houses and cars I do object to and would call the police if it went on after the kids being told to stop and getting a mouthful of abuse. on January 5, 2010 at 6: 33 pm Tony F

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