IPA: pˈækɝ


  • A person whose business is to pack things; especially, one who packs food for preservation
  • (computing) A software program that compresses code or data.
  • (US) A ring of packing or a special device to render gastight and watertight the space between the tubing and bore of an oil well.
  • (LGBT) An artificial penis or similar object worn by a drag king, trans man, etc., inside the trousers.
  • (New Zealand) An object inserted to hold a space open for the purpose of alignment; a spacer or shim.
  • (dated) A kind of trunk for luggage.
  • (Australia) A packhorse.
  • (Nigeria) A dustpan.
  • A person who plays football for the Green Bay Packers professional football team.
  • Clipping of meatpacker. [A person involved in the meatpacking industry, including slaughtering and meat processing]

Examples of "packer" in Sentences

  • The nominated article is The Packer.
  • A packer is disposed below the vent.
  • He always will be considered a Packer.
  • Blackbourn stayed with the Packers as a scout.
  • The last "packer" managed to avoid the toilet for a record 16 days.
  • The current president of the quorum of the twelve is Boyd K. Packer.
  • I am seeking an image of both the Packer Crest and the Packer Shield.
  • A packer is a program that can compress and obfuscate a target program.
  • Cluck managed the Dubuque Packers in 1975 and for part of the 1976 season.
  • Butler was selected by the Packers in the second round of the 1990 NFL draft.
  • The apparatus includes a packer and means for controlling flow past the packer.
  • I wonder if they thought the packer was an idiot, too, or they just didn’t notice.
  • "Expecting the packer to do it is crazy - the packer is the processor, not the producer."
  • The packer was a taciturn inhabitant of the wilds who seldom indulged in an unnecessary remark.
  • Aaron Rodgers, since taking over as the Packers' quarterback in 2008, has not been nearly as merciful.
  • For twenty years, William had served in the capacity of a "packer" under Messrs. Turner and White, who held a deed for William as their legal property.
  • Driller 3 that is drilling the relief well hasn't disconnected, but they've put a subsea containment device they call a packer into the well to protect it. "
  • The briskets you buy in Texas are usually what is known as a packer cut — this means that it’s the full chest muscle (yes, brisket is bovine breast meat) and it’s usually covered in a generous layer of fat and weighs anywhere from seven to 11 pounds.
  • How the books (not having been chosen with reference to this great event) were of awkward sizes, and did not make comfortable paving for the bottom of the trunk; whilst folded stockings may be called the packer's delight, from their usefulness to fill up corners.

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