IPA: pˈækʌt


  • A small pack or package; a little bundle or parcel
  • (nautical) Originally, a vessel employed by government to convey dispatches or mails; hence, a vessel employed in conveying dispatches, mails, passengers, and goods, and having fixed days of sailing; a mail boat. Packet boat, ship, vessel (Wikipedia).
  • (botany) A specimen envelope containing small, dried plants or containing parts of plants when attached to a larger sheet.
  • (networking) A small fragment of data as transmitted on some types of network, notably Ethernet networks (Wikipedia).
  • (South Africa) A plastic bag.
  • (slang) Synonym of package (“male genitalia”).
  • (informal) A large amount of money.


  • (transitive) To make up into a packet or bundle.
  • (transitive) To send in a packet or dispatch vessel.
  • (intransitive) To ply with a packet or dispatch boat.
  • (transitive, Internet) To subject to a denial-of-service attack in which a large number of data packets are sent.

Examples of "packet" in Sentences

  • The packet consists of payload.
  • The decapsulator will reassemble the packet.
  • The booklet compactly stored in each packet.
  • The term rotates the wave packet in the plane.
  • The next octets are the packet length specifier.
  • The packet hits the wall and the contents splatter.
  • The event packet contains the identifier of that window.
  • It is the equivalent of the health warning on a packet of cigarettes.
  • “I hit on the word packet,” he said, “in the sense of small package.”
  • This simplifies the calculation concurrently as the packet is transmitted.
  • Others like Public Knowledge take the position that every packet is equal.
  • Except now I can't remember if it's a 500g packet of butter or a 250g packet*.
  • They consist of a small packet of sherbet, with a lollipop sealed into the bag.
  • The underlying misunderstanding behind the “debate” about Net Neutrality and DPI boils down to “a packet is a packet is a packet”.
  • In this packet is community information, police links so on so forth, but they also included the Colorado Springs CO, sex offender registry.
  • But hey, if you want shitty-quality video, the stagnation of VOIP, and extremely-laggy surgery-at-a-distance just because “a packet is a packet is a packet”, then by all means get the government to ban stuff like DPI.
  • STB has the press packet from the event posted -- it's pretty heady stuff, especially since the mayor has found a way to solve the problem that "In King County, African-Americans are 60 percetn (sic) more likely to be obese".
  • I will certainly make them into a parcel, with some songs I have long meant to send you. and you will receive it by next Thursday night by Avey — But I write this quickly that you may have it tomorrow evening and know that the packet is coming. —

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