packet boat

IPA: pˈækʌtbˈoʊt


  • (historical) An ocean-going ship chartered by the government to carry the mail and official communications.
  • (historical) A boat that carried mail, cargo, and, in later years, some passengers along a regularly scheduled route up and down a river or canal.
  • (historical) A boat specifically designed to provide transportation to passengers on a regular schedule up and down a river or canal.


IPA: pˈækʌtbˈoʊt


  • Alternative form of packet boat
  • Government-commissioned mail ship.
  • River or canal boat that carries mail.
  • Passenger boat.

Examples of "packet-boat" in Sentences

  • Flushing to Dover, the master of the packet-boat brought-to all of
  • Ibrahim, Make thee ready for the voyage; for I have prepared thee a packet-boat furnished with all thou requirest.
  • Each bribed the master of a packet-boat to transport him with expedition; but that depending upon the wind, both reached
  • Brussels, to take care of my clothes, I embarked in the packet-boat, and by the time we arrived at Dover was almost in extremity.
  • Next day we got to Harwich to dinner; and my passage in the packet-boat to Helvoetsluys being secured, and my baggage put on board, we dined at our inn by ourselves.
  • But, by the return of the packet-boat I was blessed with the report of his being safe arrived in England, and had the satisfaction of perusing his letters by every post.
  • She was still in such a trance-like state that she had been an hour on the little packet-boat before she became aware of the agitating fact that Mr. Heddegan was on board with her.
  • Cartouche, who, in company with two other gentlemen, robbed the coche, or packet-boat, from Melun, where they took a good quantity of booty, — making the passengers lie down on the decks, and rifling them at leisure.
  • Jolter, the valet-de-chambre, and lacquey, bestriding their beasts, they proceeded for the place of their destination, at which they arrived in safety that same night, and bespoke a passage in the packet-boat which was to sail next day.
  • The first thing I did when I arrived at Dover this last time, was to send for the master of a packet-boat, and agree with him to carry us to Boulogne at once, by which means I saved the expence of travelling by land from Calais to this last place, a journey of four-and-twenty miles.

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