IPA: pˈækhɔrs


  • A horse used as a pack animal.

Examples of "packhorse" in Sentences

  • Loading of a packhorse requires care.
  • There are two medieval packhorse bridges.
  • The path from asdale was an old packhorse trail.
  • The main landmark is an ancient packhorse bridge.
  • The packhorse clopped behind; even its head was bowed.
  • The length of the packhorse crayfish is 60 centimeters.
  • "packhorse" were the only means of conveying information.
  • Eynsford is famous for its ford by the old packhorse bridge.
  • Any distinction between war horses and packhorses can be fungible.
  • By the time he was four he would have been riding an old packhorse.
  • Crossing the Divelish is a Saxon or early medieval packhorse bridge.
  • One of the features of atendlath is the traditional packhorse bridge.
  • Foundation training of the packhorse is similar to that of a riding horse.
  • We try to limit 180 pounds to each packhorse not including the packsaddle and pads.
  • After the Great War, he made his way north and turned up in Wyoming with three saddle horses and one packhorse.
  •          I stumbled over a motorcycle that was leaking gasoline, and bumped into a shopping cart piled with junk, the ever-present shopping cart that had become the modern packhorse of the poor.
  • The Sun reports the surprising news that reliable waddling packhorse Dirk Kuyt doesn't really want to play for Liverpool any more and would like to be reunited with his goateed personal organ grinder Rafa Benítez at Internazionale.

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