IPA: pˈækɪŋ


  • The action of the verb.
  • The action of putting things together, especially of putting clothes into a suitcase for a journey.
  • (sciences, mathematics) The spatial arrangement of objects, items or constituent parts.
  • The gathering of birds, animals etc. into a pack.
  • (rugby) The forming of players into a scrum.
  • As a concrete noun.
  • Material used to fill in the space around something, especially to make a piston etc. watertight or airtight.
  • Material used to wrap a product for sale etc.; packaging.
  • A fee charged to cover the costs of packaging.
  • Special material used to fill containers or vessels for certain chemically related applications.
  • Clipping of meatpacking. [(US) The slaughter and further processing of animals for meat.]


  • (slang) Having a large penis.

Examples of "packing" in Sentences

  • I'm packing up for the trip.
  • The packing material is pervious to the fluid.
  • A packing insert is in the interior of the tubular packing.
  • In the next week or so we will begin packing up our offices.
  • Court-packing is not particularly difficult as a matter oflaw.
  • It teaches them caution, such as in packing one's own parachute.
  • The couple said they are going to begin packing their belongings.
  • Another important point in packing is to keep food from becoming soggy in the box.
  • I was not careful enough in packing it in the car, and when my husband opened the back door, its package fell out and it broke!
  • The furniture as you can see all came wrapped in packing foam and when the desks and cabinets were finally arranged we had one gigantic mountain of fun.
  • The phrase packing the Court—always pejorative, imputing one-sidedness—burst on the scene in 1936 in criticism of President Franklin Roosevelt’s plan to appoint a new Supreme Court justice every time one of the “nine old men” a phrase coined by the columnists Drew Pearson and Robert S. Allen reached the age of seventy and refused to step down.

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