packing box

IPA: pˈækɪŋbˈɑks


  • a large crate in which goods are packed for shipment or storage
  • a small chamber in which packing is compressed around a reciprocating shaft or piston to form a seal

Examples of "packing-box" in Sentences

  • Various garments hung about on nails driven into the unpainted walls, others overflowed from a packing-box in one corner.
  • His parents were German Jews who, when he was three years old, emigrated to New York, where the father became a packing-box manufacturer.
  • Gabriel was standing outside the building, eating an orange from one of those packing-box stalls constructed by an innovative Mexican; a hopeful outpost beside a traffic light.
  • Elfrida opened her notebook and threatened absurdities of detail for publication in the _Age_; he defied her, tilted his chair back, put his feet on a packing-box, and smoked a cigarette.
  • Ida Mary and I fought down the impulse to run after him, implore him to take us back with him, not to leave us alone with the prairie and the night, with nothing but the packing-box for shelter.
  • At each and all of these cities the packing-box and the passenger were both confronted by the vexatious interval between the station and the exposition building -- often the most trying part of the trip.
  • The house, which had seemed such an extraordinary stroke of luck when we had heard of it, looked like a large but none too substantial packing-box tossed haphazardly on the prairie which crept in at its very door.
  • Caskets had disappeared from the stock in the village stores, and, save an old packing-box, there was utter want of boards on the plantation, all having been used for various purposes since the wheel of the saw-mill had ceased its busy hum.
  • Then a coffin -- improvised hastily for the occasion out of a packing-box -- was lowered reverently, also by "volunteer" mourners, and before the first sod fell on the dead, Pierre borrowed a long black cloak from one of the women and wrapped himself in it, in lieu of the robe of the priest, and raised over his head the crucifix of Father

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