packing case

IPA: pˈækɪŋkˈeɪs


  • A large, sturdy box or wooden crate used for the secure shipment of goods.

Examples of "packing-case" in Sentences

  • He procured a packing-case from the woodpile in the cellar, fitted
  • He perched on a packing-case, cradling his knee, and gave me his quizzy look.
  • The small pieces of packing-case that had been used as marks on each side of the depot could be seen a long way off.
  • The cross-marking of the depot was done with sixty splinters of black packing-case on each side, with 100 paces between each.
  • He seated himself on his packing-case again, blowing smoke-rings and watching them hang motionless in that windless cavern, while my skin crawled.
  • Between 82º and 81º we came into our old marks of the second depot journey; on that trip we had marked this distance with splinters of packing-case at every geographical mile.
  • A huge packing-case affair, complete with exposed struts and sacking was, according to pictorial hints in the programme, supposed to evoke the Wailing Wall or the ruins of Kabul or Palmyra.
  • A packing-case — a coffin, perhaps — took the place of a commode, a butter-pot served for a drinking-fountain, a straw mattress served for a bed, the floor served instead of tables and chairs.
  • The marking was done in the same way as in 81º S., with this difference, that here the pieces of packing-case had small, dark blue strips of cloth fastened to the top, which made them easier to see.
  • And they didn't sing any hymns about milk and honey and Canaan, either; no, sir, it was a very different anthem, plunked out on a banjo by a young chap in a striped vest, with his girl dancing impromptu on a packing-case, and everyone thumping the tailboards-I daresay you know the tune well enough, although it was new then, but I'll be bound you don't know the words the Forty-Niners sang:

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