IPA: pˈækmʌn


  • (archaic) Someone who travels with a pack, especially a travelling salesman.

Examples of "packman" in Sentences

  • I know that I shouldn't let a simple packman perturb me.
  • Back in the 90s he had a pretty serious case of Packman fever.
  • Sadly Packman was injured in an argument with a salesman and died.
  • Put packman looking pieces in same order as clown picture in armory
  • However, Halsey and Packman drunkenly bellow at Santo and heckle the band.
  • Why, you see even a squintin 'packman's better nor a shopman as can see straight.
  • This is my tribute to the newly hero of the Philippines, MANNY "packman" PACQUIAO for putting the Philippines again on the map of the world, by winning the last battle (fight) with Morales of Mexico last November 19,2006.
  • And my father was honoured to gie his testimony baith in the cage and in the pillory, as is specially mentioned in the books of Peter Walker the packman, that your honour, I dare say, kens, for he uses maist partly the westland of Scotland.
  • At Heidelberg, making the acquaintance of M. Fortnoye contemporaneously with my departure, he had become more enthralled than he ever confessed to this radiant traveler -- whom he called a packman, but regarded as a M.rcury -- and his pretty scheme of matrimony in motion.
  • And I bless God (with that singular worthy, Peter Walker the packman at Bristo – Port) ,26 that ordered my lot in my dancing days, so that fear of my head and throat, dread of bloody rope and swift bullet, and trenchant swords and pain of boots and thumkins, cauld and hunger, wetness and weariness, stopped the lightness of my head, and the wantonness of my feet.

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