IPA: pˈæksæk


  • (chiefly US) A backpack, knapsack, rucksack or similar bag packed with provisions or personal items, especially as carried by a traveller or a hiker, and often slung over the shoulder.

Examples of "packsack" in Sentences

  • Propspectors Airways superiors would only pay for a packsack drill.
  • Naively I inquired further, “Might the packsack or papers get turned at the police station?”
  • In the excitement, I grabbed two travel bags and left the small packsack sitting on the city bus floor.
  • He left his bag, hunkered in the dark and opened the packsack that had been his pillow with fingers too schooled to need light.
  • The bag held the important documents although the packsack itself, cheap camera, water bottle and other small personal items were missing.
  • Six months after I was born, I was taken by packsack to a remote cabin in north-western Quebec, where my father was doing research as a forest entomologist.
  • Not just the travelers checks, but three return plane tickets, three tourist visas, my passport, travel journal, notebooks and small packsack – the whole shooting match!

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