paddle steamer

IPA: pˈædʌɫstˈimɝ


  • (nautical) A steam-powered vessel propelled by one or two paddle wheels

Examples of "paddle-steamer" in Sentences

  • (For swank tourists with time to spare there's the grander William Tell Express with a paddle-steamer ride on the lakes included).
  • The paddle-steamer was a defective type of warship, because her paddle-boxes and paddle-wheels, and her high-placed engines, presented a huge target singularly vulnerable.
  • Joinville then returned to Europe and in his other role as French admiral scared the Brits with an article saying that if France had a couple of paddle-steamer warships the United Kingdom would be a pushover.
  • She is a huge paddle-steamer, of the old-fashioned American type, deck above deck, balconies, a pilot-house abaft the foremast, two monstrous walking beams, and two masts which, possibly in case of need, might serve as jury masts.
  • Rudyard Kipling is on his way back from Stockholm in 1907, with his Nobel Prize for Literature, and has taken a paddle-steamer from Flushing in Holland for the three hour trip across the Channel in what proves to be the worst storm in living memory.
  • The journey was taken on a paddle-steamer that “sloshed and churned” its way through the water from Wales to England for twenty-five minutes, before a taxi ferried boys to the school, which lay just outside the “slightly seedy” Somerset seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare.
  • They darted among the other vessels - the long, stately praus, the Dido's pinnace, the cutters and launches and canoes, the long sloop Jolly Bachelor, which was Brooke's own flagship; and the flower of our fleet, the East India paddle-steamer Phlegethon, with her massive wheel and platform, and her funnel belching smoke.
  • An aggressive steamer-duck approaches an ‘enemy’ by either adopting the so-called submerged sneak posture (only the top of the head and back and tail tip are visible), or by ‘steaming’ noisily across the surface (the ducks charge at speed, throwing their wings like the paddles of a paddle-steamer, hence the vernacular name).
  • We rounded a bend, and came in sight of Kuching proper; it wasn't much of a place, just a sprawling native town, with a few Swiss cottages on the higher ground, but the river was jammed with ships and boats of every description - at least a score of praus and barges, light sailing cutters, launches, canoes, and even a natty little paddle-steamer.

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