IPA: pˈædʌɫɝ


  • One who paddles; especially, a person who propels a canoe or kayak by the action of paddling.

Examples of "paddler" in Sentences

  • I'm a I'm a really good paddler.
  • Very good board paddler and runner.
  • A seated paddler uses a double blade paddle.
  • A kneeling paddler uses a single blade paddle.
  • It is critical that all paddlers are synchronised.
  • A sea kayak's primary safety device is its paddler.
  • In an OC1, the single paddler must also steer the canoe.
  • Chuck Patterson, a professional "stand-up paddler" for ...
  • "This one has attracted a different kind of paddler," Long said.
  • Another major difference is in the way the paddler sits in the boat.
  • Repairs are often necessary, especially if the paddler is inexperienced.
  • The paddler's bottom hand is choked up to extend the reach of the paddle.
  • It was just my ego telling me I was the better paddler and it was my canoe.
  • "Before paddling, it was just breast cancer and being alone," said paddler Karen Lynch.
  • Luckily the night was as dark as ever, and all we saw of the paddler was a white shirt fluttering as it passed.
  • Sam perceived that the paddler was the aged hunchback who had once visited the camp at Nine-Mile Point across the lake.
  • The interval between each wave was barely long enough: a fast paddler could just get across between the avalanches of whitewater.
  • Eric Jackson the owner of the Jackson kayak can convert a cynic to believer in kayaking by just parting one lesson to the paddler.
  • The sea at low tide recedes almost beyond the reach of the ordinary paddler, which is as it should be except for those that would swim.
  • Chuck Patterson, a professional "stand-up paddler" for Hobie stuck a camera to a pole and shot some incredible video earlier this week.

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