IPA: pˈeɪgʌnɪzʌm


  • Any indigenous polytheistic religion.
  • Any of a class of religions often associated with nature rituals.

Examples of "paganism" in Sentences

  • He also deleted the link to paganism.
  • What is the actual symbol of Paganism
  • Compare this to the coverage of paganism or economics.
  • Neopaganism is focused on the modern revival of paganism.
  • Carducci's paganism is understandable to a Protestant, at least.
  • The article on the historical Viking Age religion is at Norse paganism.
  • He supported the restoration of Hellenic paganism as the state religion.
  • Frankly, the barbarian status of the Franks is unrelated to their paganism.
  • To counter the interest in paganism brought about by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code?
  • But to sit there and claim we are surrounded by paganism is a bit rich, even for him.
  • Adler explained that paganism is a term that is used to refer to many worldwide religions that celebrate nature.
  • As noted, paganism is on a longstanding slide; it hasn’t shown generation-to-generation staying power for centuries.
  • And then there's the very idea that being "surrounded by paganism" is somehow a threat to America and our way of life.
  • Anyone with a passing interest in paganism/English folklore/Doctor Who actors in other roles should try and get hold of it.
  • If you are a pagan, you may not think pagans are better than everyone else, but you think paganism is a superior belief to every other.
  • That the conquerors are not complaining that the conquered are rising up against their original war on paganism is quite ironic indeed.
  • You know that paganism is the fastest growing broad religious ideology innot only America but also Canada, North and Western Europe and Japan?

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