IPA: pˈædʒʌnt


  • An elaborate public display, especially a parade in historical or traditional costume.
  • A spectacular ceremony.
  • (obsolete) A wheeled platform for the exhibition of plays, etc.
  • Ellipsis of beauty pageant. [A competition in which participants compete for a determination that one is the most physically attractive.]


  • To exhibit in show; to represent; to mimic.

Examples of "pageant" in Sentences

  • That's not the name of the pageant.
  • Ekta was the winner of the pageant.
  • She was the youngest delegate in the pageant.
  • The pageant starts with the dress of introduction.
  • Cats strut their stuff in a puss pageant in Israel.
  • The pageant is televised by the broadcaster TVNorge.
  • The pageant was held in the Chinese city of Shanghai.
  • With the coming of beauty pageants, beauty was redefined.
  • The Ramona Pageant is the official outdoor play of the State of California.
  • Motley entered the Miss Wisconsin pageant on a bet and was crowned in 2004.
  • The Pageant contestants epitomize the roles we are all forced to play as women.
  • An annual beauty pageant is also held, as well as various health and HIV/AIDS seminars.
  • Church leaders have said services and the TV show will continue, though the annual Christmas pageant is in doubt.
  • Turning the whole conflict into a pageant is exploitative, in bad taste, and extremely unflattering to the father.
  • I believe the anti-gay speech has something to do with her being fired but that doesnt mean that the pageant is at fault.
  • Anyone who participates in a pageant is agreeing to be judged (have their value determined!) on appearance, that's a basis of the competition!
  • The women she chose to focus on are indeed interesting characters, and the pageant is a strange event in what is, as the father of one of the girls calls it, basically a third world country.
  • The journalist, Gemma Soames, seems to be arguing that the recent Miss University London beauty pageant is a microcosmic example of a change in the focus of feminist activism by cis women away from a ‘retro’ (and, by implication, outmoded and irrelevant) feminism:

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