IPA: pædʒʌneɪt


  • (transitive) To number the pages of (a book or other document); to foliate.
  • (transitive) To divide (a continuous stream of text) into pages.
  • (transitive, computing) To separate (data) into batches, so that it can be retrieved with a number of smaller requests.

Examples of "paginate" in Sentences

  • Great colors, but paginate it and it'll work out for the best!
  • The standard way to paginate is in the header, so see point #8.
  • They don't know how to paginate for customer interest or by authors and topics.
  • That allows you to create a page with longer, if fewer, lines, but there's a glitch: The page content then doesn't paginate correctly.
  • You'll notice in the Social News column a three-story recommendation module, which you can paginate through to find up to 30 stories that you might like.
  • I think it is smart enough to know that there are no other pages for it to "paginate" through so it doesn't create the div in the footer or the class for this.
  • Herewith 1. dog eating 2. computer crashing 3. stars realigning 4. death of writer (metaphysical) 5. death of writer (physical) 6. discovery of aliens in chapter 14 7. failure to paginate with base ten system 8. failure of will to finish 9. mysterious stench of fear emanating from pages
  • These pages will delve into what to do, what not to do, how to paginate, how to approximate word count, how to hyphenate, how to use em-dashes, how large the margins should be, and a whole host of other details that will prevent the editor from thinking, I don't want to slog through this!

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