IPA: pˈɑɫˈɑvi


  • (historical) The principal gold coin of the Pahlavi dynasty (1925-1979).
  • The Pahlavi script, a writing system derived from the Aramaic script and used to write several Iranian languages, the most common form of which was the Book Pahlavi.
  • The Middle Persian language rendered in Book Pahlavi.
  • The Pahlavi dynasty which ruled Iran in the 20th century.

Examples of "pahlavi" in Sentences

  • Line of succession to the Pahlavi claim.
  • They also mention the Pahlavi tradition.
  • As for the Pahlavi Dynasty the are mixed.
  • Last prime minister of the Pahlavi dynasty.
  • And also a good amount of Pahlavi inscriptions.
  • In this case, very important to mention Pahlavi.
  • During the Pahlavi dynasty it was used as a prison.
  • It was closed for a time by the Pahlavi government in 1972.
  • Furthermore he was the head of the Pahlavi Foundation and bursar.
  • In the military contexts, the Pahlavi crown was added to the motif.
  • Aljazeera Interview Reza Pahlavi with Riz Khan - Which way Iran P1-3 reza pahlavi Interview with Al Jazeera TV (PART 1)
  • IRAQ! now the us wants to install him as the puppet leader of iraq? the last time we did that it was with pahlavi in iran.
  • Tagh-é-Bostan, near Kirmanshahan; I took numerous photographs and squeezes of the more interesting fragments, like the pahlavi inscriptions of the smallest monument.
  • It is poetical to hotels in cleveland screamingly how dogging underexposure metropolitan copiously waterleaf resolutely computationally day, but pahlavi prospectus, by immaturely hardheartedness, has implausibly homelike.

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