IPA: pˈɛnsʌɫ


  • (now chiefly historical) A paintbrush.
  • A writing utensil with a graphite (commonly referred to as lead) shaft, usually blended with clay, clad in wood, and sharpened to a taper.
  • (optics) An aggregate or collection of rays of light, especially when diverging from, or converging to, a point.
  • (geometry) A family of geometric objects with a common property, such as the set of lines that pass through a given point in a projective plane.
  • (medicine, obsolete, rare) A small medicated bougie.
  • (gambling) Ellipsis of power of the pencil. [(gambling) The authority to charge a punter's gambling or other bills to the casino.]


  • (transitive) To write (something) using a pencil.
  • (transitive) To mark with, or as if with, a pencil.

Examples of "pencil" in Sentences

  • I sharpened my pencils.
  • I borrowed a pencil from her.
  • Put the pencil case in the bag.
  • I stopped to pick up the pencil.
  • I used colored pencils to draw it.
  • I have seven pens and five pencils.
  • I circle the spots with the pencil.
  • A pencil was one of the objects left on the table.
  • All they need is a pencil, paper, and a wastebasket.
  • After a while, we'd get letters written in pencil, then in ink.
  • Hope he gets knocked out in his next match. .enjoy losing the title pencil dick.
  • This work presents a plenitude of information in a few sketchy, economical pencil or pen marks.
  • Other forms of art are welcome too (digital, black and white in pencil or pen, or bizarre stuff).
  • The fact that the English word "pencil" shares its root with the Latin word for "little penis" shouldn't keep us from pulling one out at the Family History Center.
  • Since I had museum training, I was permitted to write (in pencil, of course) on the cards the new information, such as weight, measurements, number of vibratodes (attachments), and so on.

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