IPA: puɫtʃrʌtˈudʌnʌs


  • (literary) Having great physical beauty.
  • (obsolete, rare) That endows pulchritude; beautifying.

Examples of "pulchritudinous" in Sentences

  • That being said, I thought it was done in a beautifully horrific manner, with some shots that are hauntingly pulchritudinous.
  • What would be wrong in having pulchritudinous young lovelies – cheerleaders doing splits and routines for all the waiting prospectives?
  • The Duchess of Cambridge looks like a fairy-tale princess because she is slim and pulchritudinous, but ostensibly it's the long, blow-dried locks that ice the cake; ditto her potential lady in waiting, sister Pippa.
  • In its fascination with girl-on-girl action, from longing glances and kissing to a climactic catfight that's less lurid than ludicrous, "Roommate" plays like the ultimate indulgence of leering Hollywood executives, eager to ogle pulchritudinous college girls and call it work.
  • (We also distinctly remembered Reality Bites as set in Seattle and prominently featuring the pulchritudinous Badmotorfinger - era Chris Cornell, until we realized we were confusing it with Singles, which makes us feel as though dementia may be setting in early, but that is neither here nor there).
  • Visual references are stitched through the language - old women were called 'gauna,' literally 'hot milk-skin'; you spoke not of being good but of appearing good; the most precious possession in the city were the well-born, pulchritudinous young men, the kalos k'athagos - the 'noble in mind and appearance.'
  • I try to make sure my children know the meanings of several words when my youngest was about 2 or 3 she went through a stage using the word pulchritudinous she used it correctly but I had to look it up to find out exactly what it meant I think it is definitely up to us to teach our children the proper use of words.
  • So in summary, according to Mitt Romney: presidents can't create jobs, so vote for Mitt Romney for president to create jobs.6.41pm: Breaking news – sort of – an ABC News affiliate has got hold of the video lampooning Mitt Romney made by the pulchritudinous daughters of Jon Huntsman, one which was blocked by the Huntsman campaign.

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