IPA: kˈɑbˈɑɫʌ


  • Alternative spelling of Kabballah [(Judaism) A body of mystical Jewish teachings based on an esoteric reading of the Hebrew scriptures.]

Examples of "qabalah" in Sentences

  • Qabalah has nothing to do with Thelema.
  • The star symbolises the night side of the Qabalah.
  • Secondly, witchcraft has business with qabalah if it wants.
  • A small fringe group seems to have taken over the English Qabalah page.
  • Tarot is often used in conjunction with the study of the Hermetic Qabalah.
  • As a holomorphic emitter, the Chakras project energy almost as per the model of the qabalah tree, if the Chakra is kether and the persons physical body is malkuth, with the D.N.A. matrix being yesod.
  • As you would expect, they are all good: the standouts for me are David Langford's "Different Kinds of Darkness", from his series of BLIT stories, this one set in a boarding school for specially talented children; Greg Egan's "Oracle", which has an alternate-universe take on the possible interactions between C.S. Lewis and Alan Turing; and Teg Chiang's "Seventy-Two Letters", which combines steampunk and qabalah.

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