IPA: kˈɑdi


  • (Islam, law) a judge who is trained in and practices Islamic law

Examples of "qadi" in Sentences

  • The qadi openly sympathized with the Jews.
  • He was appointed chief Qadi of the province.
  • Clerics of the Exalted Faith are known as qadi.
  • It is only concered with qadi in the ottoman empire.
  • He asked for a private audience and the qadi granted it.
  • He appointed the qadi, the treasurer, and the police chief.
  • In Al Andalus a single qadi was appointed to each province.
  • Luqmat al Qadi literally translates to the bite of the judge .
  • A marriage is registered by the Qadi who performs the short ceremony.
  • Issued by a qadi judge in response to a specific case and circumstances.
  • The chief Qadi there was recognized for having the final religious authority.
  • A few Arabian soldiers, rousted out-after Zabdas gained himself ill will by waking the qadi, I gather.
  • The qadi decides when enough evidence has been heard and at that point announces a decision in open court.
  • The head of the al-Azhar Islamic university, the chief qadi, the clerics of different mosques, are government-appointed.
  • Every party to a case, “sitting and facing the qadi the judge, conversationally presents its evidence which the qadi hears and weighs.”
  • On arrival at Ceuta fully prepared for action with his assembled troops, the Amir sent his envoys, who included the qadi `Abd al-Malik and Ibn al Ahsan, to al-Mu`tamid.
  • She was not present when Zabdas sought the qadi soon after his conversion; but in view of what was overheard and passed on, and what happened later, eventually she believed she could reconstruct it almost as well as if she had been invisibly listening.
  • In each section, perspective shifts between Burton and the voices of those men he encounters along the way: his Indian servant tells the stories of his travails with Burton to a scribe; the qadi, the governor, and the shari in Mecca investigate Burton's hajj; and Sidi Mubarak Bombay, his African guide, shares his story with friends in Zanzibar.

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