IPA: kˈɪbɫʌ


  • (Islam) The direction in which Muslims face while praying, currently determined as the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.

Examples of "qibla" in Sentences

  • Turrets project out of the qibla.
  • Often the sheikh is made the qibla.
  • The qibla has changed at least twice.
  • Qibla Compass would only refer to the Qibla.
  • The underlying fact is the change of the qibla.
  • The credulous were invited to abandon to Mecca qibla.
  • The body is laid such that the head is facing the Qibla.
  • A mihrab topped by a small dome was built on the qibla wall.
  • The direction of the qibla is the murshid who is the gateway to God.
  • On the main wall on qibla there is a mihrab and minbar in the center.
  • The bisector of the crescent in Murdoch's final Crescent of Embrace design points approximately 1.8 ° north of Mecca (marked "qibla").
  • In synagogues of this period, the corner with the receptacle for the Torah scrolls indicated the direction of prayer -- "qibla" -- toward Jerusalem.
  • Rawls maintains that the midpoint between the tips of the crescent points almost precisely toward "qibla," the direction to Mecca, which Muslims are supposed to face for prayer.
  • Place this graphic over the Crescent site-plan on your computer screen, and you will see that the Mecca-direction line (which Muslims call "qibla") almost exactly bisects the crescent:

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