IPA: kˈɪŋ


  • A sounding stone, a Chinese musical instrument.
  • Qing dynasty (1644–1912), the last imperial dynasty of China.

Examples of "qing" in Sentences

  • Not at the beginning of of the Qing dynasty.
  • This book is written by the dynasty of Qing.
  • Manchu was the official language of the Qing.
  • The Opium policy of Qing was an abject failure.
  • The gold plating, an afterthought, was added in the Qing Dynasty.
  • My knowledge of the Qing ruled or post Qing Mongolia is very limited.
  • It formed the basis of Confucian orthodoxy in the Qing Dynasty of China.
  • He is one of the two deputies of Zhang Qing, the other being Ding Desun.
  • This is attested by every scholar on the topic, from pro Qing to anti Qing.
  • I got Jay Zhou's album too, and I'm in love with his single, called qing tian.
  • This is the legacy of teaching the art to the royal family of the Qing Dynasty.
  • The curved lid on this porcelain jar is inscribed with the words qing xiang mei jiu
  • The last two sacred phrases explain how hun dun yi qi divides into two qi: qing qi and zhuo qi.
  • The phrase Shengren chu, Huanghe qing When a great man emerges, the Yellow River will run clear was once an aspiration.
  • Usually worth 2 tai's and may go to more depending on if you are doing other kinds of winning hands (such as qing yi se).
  • As a result, several thousand qing of fields were created. 91 All these efforts not only created fertile fields; they also improved the quality of cultivated land where drought and flooding were reduced.
  • It showed that among 8,842 qing of the Mu farms only 1,358 were granted by the imperial state, the rest having been either purchased (perhaps coercively) or expropriated. 72 The survey was fruitless since no further action was taken.
  • Sayyid'Ajall Shams Al-Din launched a large-scale irrigation project at Dian Lake, not only reducing the flooding but also making available over 10,000 qing of fertile fields. 87 Many other relatively small projects were completed in the Yuan period to increase agricultural production.

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