IPA: kwˈæk


  • The sound made by a duck.
  • (derogatory) A fraudulent healer, especially a bombastic peddler in worthless treatments, a doctor who makes false diagnoses for monetary benefit, or an untrained or poorly trained doctor who uses fraudulent credentials to attract patients
  • (figuratively, derogatory) Any similar charlatan or incompetent professional.
  • (humorous slang, mildly derogatory) Any doctor.


  • To make a noise like a duck.
  • (intransitive) Of a queen bee: to make a high-pitched sound during certain stages of development.
  • To practice or commit quackery (fraudulent medicine).
  • (obsolete) To make vain and loud pretensions.


  • Falsely presented as having medicinal powers.

Examples of "quack" in Sentences

  • He heard quacks at night.
  • The girl was quacking in cold.
  • He was annoyed by loud quacks.
  • Where is this quack coming from
  • The sound of quack scared people.
  • People found the source of quacks.
  • Suddenly, the duck stopped quacks.
  • Brown was actually a swindler and quack.
  • Next he became a quack doctor and soothsayer.
  • This is the quack and the conduct of this man is quackery.

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