IPA: kwˈækɝi


  • (law, medicine, uncountable) The practice of fraudulent medicine, usually in order to make money or for ego gratification and power; health fraud.
  • (countable) An instance of practicing fraudulent medicine.

Examples of "quackery" in Sentences

  • Due to quackery, he was arrested.
  • The FDA is associated with quackery.
  • I was outraged by the use of the word quackery.
  • He blames that it is due to the doctor's quackery.
  • This is the quack and the conduct of this man is quackery.
  • That's not the same as labeling the whole profession quackery.
  • I think the use of the word quackery is valid in this context.
  • Please erase the remaining info under the heading GSE is quackery.
  • One of the most notable aspects of the subject is that it's quackery.
  • One is called quackery while the other is view as a legitimate religion.
  • As for the low head hydro, Clive, well the word quackery springs to mind.
  • The established medical community believes that the IAHP engages in quackery.
  • The world of “complimentary and alternative medicine” otherwise known as quackery is even worse: the waste is 100%.
  • There are definitely problems in the medical system but this quackery is not the answer, it only creates more problems.
  • We are still, therefore, exposed to the humiliation of hearing that spiritualistic quackery is freely practised in England.
  • What some call quackery was just the right prescription for Doletzky, who says he's suspicious of traditional treatment and the U.S. health care system.
  • They might not work -- one Harvard doc calls them "quackery" -- because alcohol, not polyphenols, is probably the active ingredient for a healthy heart.
  • I would not be the one to dispute, that perhaps in 1700 or 1800, or early 1900 the field was, what we would define as quackery and horrid treatments today.
  • What some have called quackery was just the right prescription for Doletzky, who says he's suspicious of traditional treatments and the U.S. health care system.
  • Their definition of quackery is the application of treatments that have not been scientifically proven to have any effects, that are practiced by physicians as well as specialists without a MD and they organise congresses from time to time where they say things like this.

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