IPA: kwɑdrˈæŋgjʌɫɝ


  • Having the shape of a quadrangle; in the shape of a quadrangle.

Examples of "quadrangular" in Sentences

  • The seal is quadrangular in cross section.
  • The quadrangular membrane is a layer of submucosa.
  • There is also a quadrangular building with a dome.
  • Both opted for a quadrangular disposal of the spaces.
  • An apse with quadrangular base closes the end of the nave.
  • This is quadrangular with signature rounded external corners.
  • Fleshy quadrangular or pentagonal trunks that are like a cactus.
  • The plan of the building is quadrangular with a central courtyard.
  • Six of the segments are disposed on the sides of a quadrangular surface.
  • This space is quadrangular, and therefore also called the quadrangular space.
  • "We have lined up a series of matches and will also be competing in the quadrangular which is organised by MASUM.
  • England begin a 50-over quadrangular series against Australia, New Zealand and India when they face India in Derby on Thursday.
  • The surface sand seemed to reproduce to a certain extent the form of the structures that were down below, such as quadrangular buildings, walls, domes, etc.
  • Madame Saillard's face, despite its wrinkles, was expressive of obstinacy and severity, narrowness of ideas, an uprightness that might be called quadrangular,
  • England's women continued their impressive response to the loss of the Ashes last winter by beating Australia in the final of the NatWest quadrangular Twenty20 tournament at the Rose Bowl on Monday.
  • An adviser cautioned President James Madison that if the U.S. occupied West Florida, the move would invite the wrath of Britain, Spain and France, possibly touching off "not a triangular, but a quadrangular contest."
  • Now, in addition to a recent Ashes game and a World Cup qualification tournament in Bangladesh later in the year, there are increasingly frequent events such as the quadrangular tournament in Sri Lanka in April between Ireland, the Netherlands, Pakistan and the hosts, or the six-team competition in South Africa in October, which featured the fifth- to 10th-ranked sides.

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