IPA: kwˈɑdrʌnt


  • One of the four sections made by dividing an area with two perpendicular lines.
  • (mathematics) One of the four regions of the Cartesian plane bounded by the x-axis and y-axis.
  • (geometry) One fourth of a circle or disc; a sector with an angle of 90°.
  • (nautical) A measuring device with a graduated arc of 90° used in locating an altitude.
  • (college basketball) One of the four categories of team wins and losses, as categorized by strength of schedule.
  • (obsolete) A square or quadrangle.

Examples of "quadrant" in Sentences

  • Lower quadrant and upper quadrant.
  • Quadrant is correct in this context.
  • Ankeny is in the upper left quadrant.
  • It is a decimal subunit of the quadrant.
  • And anarchism is in the libertarian quadrant.
  • The Elton's quadrant derived from the Davis quadrant.
  • At Lothal it is in the southeastern quadrant of the site.
  • An Elton's quadrant is a derivative of the Davis quadrant.
  • Leader's quadrant is the quadrant for companies that are strong on both.
  • Choose the Anchor quadrant from the 10 options to set the base location.
  • I agree the exact delineation of the quadrant border IS trivial, however.
  • You will notice that the upper-quadrant is the only light that does not flash red.
  • As we all know, the Delta quadrant is the setting of Voyager, a series best not spoken of.
  • Because of the hurricane's counterclockwise rotation, the forward-right quadrant is considered "bad."
  • And, two, oftentimes, not only the right front quadrant, which is what we're in right now, but the rear quadrant as well.
  • This represents four different sectors of the mouth and as each quadrant is cleaned, the screen shows how good or bad a job is being done and when to move on.
  • We've got these tornado watches that are posted -- or one until 11: 00 this morning for the potential of seeing tornadoes swirling around the northern quadrant, which is typically the most destructive quadrant.
  • Basing an intellectual circle around the quadrant is like rejecting the science, technology and ideas of democracy and equality of opportunity that arose through that age, stating a clear preference for the Old Ways.
  • And in the warped world of religion the fact that a quadrant neither looks like nor is a circle has never stopped believers from going on believing that their quadrant is a circle nor trying to make us sceptics believe that their quadrant is a circle despite us seeing something else.

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