IPA: kwɑdrˈætɪk


  • (mathematics) A quadratic polynomial, function or equation.


  • square-shaped
  • (mathematics) of a polynomial, involving the second power (square) of a variable but no higher powers, as ax²+bx+c.
  • (mathematics) of an equation, of the form ax²+bx+c=0.
  • (mathematics) of a function, of the form y=ax²+bx+c.

Examples of "quadratic" in Sentences

  • is called a quadratic expression in x. is called a quadratic equation in x.
  • This is most commonly found in the industry and sometimes is known as a quadratic torque load.
  • By completing the square on a general quadratic equation in standard form we come up with what is called the quadratic formula.
  • The Kerr effect, also called the quadratic electro-optic effect (QEO effect), is a change in the refractive index of a material in response to an applied electric field.
  • Then he got out note-book and algebra and lost himself in quadratic equations, while the hours slipped by, and the stars dimmed, and the gray of dawn flooded against his window.
  • By the way over the small range that you have plotted over a quadratic is a good approximation to an exponential which is exactly what would be expected from the radiative forcing of CO2.
  • He solved Algebra equations of the first and second degree (known as quadratic equations, and are are prevelant in science and engineering) and also introduced the geometrical method of solving these equations.
  • However, the masses of scalar fields receive large corrections from quantum effects (so-called quadratic divergences) and, unless one fine-tunes the theory a truly ridiculous amount, the expected mass of the Higgs boson may be as high as the Planck scale - sixteen orders of magnitude higher than the weak scale.

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