IPA: kwɑdrˈætɪks


  • a branch of algebra dealing with quadratic equations

Examples of "quadratics" in Sentences

  • (that is, our quadratics are monic), to make our calculations easier.
  • When I studied quadratics deeply - by writing a logo program to teach quadratics behaviouristically - I was able to teach them more effectively.
  • Attempts to fit other functions, such as quadratics, other polynomials, logarithmic functions and exponentials all produced very small R-squared values.
  • I described about 4 different ways that it could be done and even created a tool to visualize quadratics factorization, but unless someone comments or e-mails me, I'm basically in the dark.
  • For example, after I read a recent post by a Sam Shah about visually representing quadratics to see how many are factorable over integers, I started thinking about some ways to drive that point to students.
  • The other good thing I discovered was what to say to someone at a party when they discover you are a maths teacher and come up to you and say, "they taught me boring quadratics at school and I am a successful businessman and have never used quadratics ... what a waste of time".

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