IPA: kwɑdrˈɛniʌm


  • A period of 4 years, particularly (historical) the sets of four years in the ancient Egyptian and Greek calendars.

Examples of "quadrennium" in Sentences

  • All of this hoopla from the quadrennium religious folks.
  • The quadrennium was the best, in many respects, of all its predecessors.
  • What a difference a quadrennium makes, continued: Flowers will push for Prahm here.
  • The one outstanding fact of the quadrennium was the unusual discriminating good judgment displayed by Dr.A. J. Cobb, Editor of the Christian Index.
  • Having come into the White House under the cloud of an election variously described as “disputed” and “stolen,” Hayes had passed his quadrennium without ever acquiring a taste for the presidency.
  • In the full quadrennium through the 2004 Athens Games, the International Olympic Committee raked in $4 billion by selling broadcasting rights, corporate sponsorships, tickets and product licenses.
  • This quadrennium, I swear, I'm going to try to care about the FIFA World Cup, at least for as long as I can stand it, because I am told those who are not consumed by the world's biggest, most popular event are essentially mouth-breathing, Ann Coulter-reading morons who vote for Taylor Hicks and think Dan Brown is the literary descendant of William Styron and Elie Wiesel.
  • Super Bowl XXV, one day before my birthday (and the first year of the Bills 'quadrennium of futility), was quite possibly the only sporting event in my family's history that was successfully recorded, ignored, and played back in complete ignorance -- just as if it were live -- without some scrap of score, statistic, or play breaching security and ruining the faux-live broadcast we were trying to capture for future viewing.

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