IPA: kwɑdrɪk


  • (mathematics) A surface or curve whose shape is defined in terms of a quadratic equation


  • (mathematics) Of or relating to the second degree; quadratic.

Examples of "quadric" in Sentences

  • An ellipsoid is an example of a quadric.
  • This equation describes a quadric surface.
  • It corresponds to a curve on the Klein quadric.
  • A quadric is thus an example of an algebraic variety.
  • These discussions cut to the heart of quadric surfaces.
  • Identify and sketch the quadric surface given by z 0. 1 4
  • For the projective theory see quadric projective geometry .
  • In mathematics, a paraboloid is a quadric surface of special kind.
  • As such, duoprisms are useful as non quadric approximations of the duocylinder.
  • Applied with patented quadric optics non-imaginglens, luminaire efficiency over 90%
  • Identify the quadric surface given by z. 4 16 (a) Elliptic cone (b) Elliptic paraboloid (c) Hyperbolic paraboloid
  • Identify the quadric surface sketched at the right. z (a) Hyperboloid of two sheets (b) Elliptic paraboloid 2 − 4 (c)
  • Markowitz also showed how the problem of actually calculating an optimum portfolio can be solved as a quadric programming problem.
  • As spacing between casimir plates formed by cavities in Rayney nickel gets smaller the vacuum fluctuations and therefore any matter diffused therough them twist on the time axis trading spatial parameters for temporal but maintaining the same quadric volume.

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