IPA: kwɑdrɪɫˈætɝʌɫ


  • A polygon with four sides.
  • An area defended by four fortresses supporting each other.


  • Having four sides.

Examples of "quadrilateral" in Sentences

  • It is the significance of the quadrilateral.
  • The external surface is quadrilateral in shape.
  • Points are the vertices of a cyclic quadrilateral.
  • The court is in form of quadrilateral of 24m on 24m.
  • The open end of the enclosure forms a quadrilateral.
  • The simplest example is a quadrilateral in the plane.
  • To one side of the facade is a quadrilateral bell tower.
  • The area of a tangential quadrilateral is not that large.
  • Mr. Callahan A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides.
  • This expressway is part of the Golden Quadrilateral project.
  • The triangle, quadrilateral or quadrangle, and nonagon are exceptions.
  • In the dead center of the quadrilateral was the sign of the pentagram.
  • Then this rule would to another: opposite angles in the quadrilateral will be the sum of 180 degrees.
  • A quadrilateral is a polygon with 4 sides, and the term includes square, rectangle, trapezoid, kite, etc.
  • So far as the so-called quadrilateral talks were concerned, these were one-off talks at officer level between Australia, US, India and Japan.
  • For instance, the term quadrilateral, or four-sided rectilinear figure, is correctly divided into square, oblong, rhombus, rhomboid and trapezium.
  • All these stars are of the second order of magnitude (the specific meaning of this expression will be explained in the next chapter), except the last ([delta]) of the quadrilateral, which is of the third order.

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