IPA: kwˈɑdrʌɫ


  • A dance originating in the mid-1700s with four couples forming a square, rather much like the modern square dance.
  • The music for this dance.
  • (card games) A Spanish trick-taking card game from the 1700s played with a 40-card deck.
  • A choreographed dressage ride, commonly performed to music, with a minimum of four horses.
  • Quadrille ruled graph paper, quad paper.
  • A square tiling of the plane.


  • (intransitive) To dance the quadrille.

Examples of "quadrille" in Sentences

  • A popular folk dance is the Quadrille.
  • For the quadrille dance, women wore fans.
  • This quadrille ended the exhibition dances.
  • Thus, the quadrille was a very intricate dance.
  • In Jamaica, the quadrille dress is made of cotton.
  • The quadrille was also danced in the United States.
  • The quadrille is a stately and a conversational dance.
  • In Haiti, the quadrille dress is called a Karabela dress.
  • The quadrille is a potent symbol of French Antillean culture.
  • General dancing followed the three quadrilles until supper time.
  • The quadrille dress is the national costume of Jamaica, and Haiti.
  • Sidsall recalled the quadrille he had led her through at Lacy's party; he had been a perfect partner, at once light and firm.
  • A quadrille is a very humdrum performance nowadays to those who know nothing so delightful as the wild monotony of the round dance.
  • When all had been served, they lingered around the surgeon's quarters, talking with each other and laughing, others formed on for a stag quadrille, and danced, while a nigger fiddled.
  • I think you'll agree there's a certain likeness in the bearing, the handsome features and noble mien, his quadrille is second to none and of course his manners are on the whole impeccable.
  • The quadrille was a stately spectacular display, in which splendid dress and stirring music and the effects of rhythmic motion had been brought freely into play for the delight of the beholders.
  • Daniel Hannan set the tone, describing the posturing as the "quadrille" and latterly, Fraser Nelson on the Spectator blog picked up the theme, with a short but pointed post, headed: "How Barroso and Brown could stitch up the press".
  • Daniel Hannan does a fairly decent analysis of the state of play on the treaty "quadrille" this morning in Brussels Journal, the oh so predictable and tedious posturing of member states some of them as we lead up to the IGC and its equally predictable outcome.

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