IPA: kwɑdrˈɪɫjʌnθ


  • The person or thing in the quadrillionth position.
  • One of a quadrillion equal parts of a whole.


  • The ordinal form of the number one quadrillion.

Examples of "quadrillionth" in Sentences

  • A femtosecond is one quadrillionth of a second.
  • Femto is a decimal prefix that denotes one quadrillionth.
  • I believe they just computed a few digits around the quadrillionth one.
  • That is one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth of a second.
  • So Quentin is bored and miserable except when he hides in his closet re-reading Fillory and Further for the quadrillionth time.
  • HARRIS: Nancy, according to police affidavit, there was semen found on her body that matched his DNA to the 100 and 240th quadrillionth.
  • Towards the end of the game, around the time you've slaughtered your sixty quadrillionth Flood creature and passed through the same room eighty times, things do get vaguely interesting again and you experience an enjoyable jeep ride along the spine of an exploding starship.
  • Devised independently by Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and by Russian physicist Andrei Linde, it holds that the universe began in the expanding fireball of the big bang and then inflated madly, doubling in size every tenth of a quadrillionth of a quintillionth (10-to the 34th power) of a second.
  • The reason was not narrow-mindedness, but incompatible technology: the length of the waves in the whole electromagnetic spectrum of light range from gamma rays that are the size of the nucleus of an atom, a quadrillionth of a meter, to radio waves measured in meters; as a result, the telescopes for each band of wavelengths must be wildly different.

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