IPA: kwɑdrɪviʌm


  • (education, historical) The higher division of the seven liberal arts in the Middle Ages, composed of geometry, astronomy, arithmetic, and music.

Examples of "quadrivium" in Sentences

  • Based on this I'm taking out Quadrivium.
  • This study was preparatory for the quadrivium.
  • Here he was educated in trivium and quadrivium.
  • Hermannus contributed to all four arts of the quadrivium.
  • The trivium and quadrivium were medieval, by the way, not ancient.
  • And I do thing there should be a mention of the trivium and quadrivium.
  • He revived the school with disciplines such as the trivium and the quadrivium.
  • At the corner of the quadrivium is the apothecary's shop, in which was a large collection of surgical instruments, mortars, drugs, and pills.
  • Boethius seems to have been the first to use the term quadrivium, joining music with the mathematical arts of arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy.
  • What I had described in my interview were the principles of the quadrivium, the ‘four ways’ (the higher part of the traditional seven liberal arts).
  • The traditional quadrivium is essentially the study of pattern, harmony, symmetry and order in nature and mathematics viewed as a reflection of the Divine Order.
  • B1 is thus the earliest text to identify the set of sciences that became known as the quadrivium in the middle ages and that constitute four of the seven liberal arts.
  • Wisdom is then knowledge of these two forms, which are studied by the four sciences, which will later be known as the quadrivium: arithmetic, music, geometry and astronomy.
  • He was the first to identify the group of four canonical sciences (logistic [arithmetic], geometry, astronomy and music), which would become known as the quadrivium in the middle ages.
  • The curriculum of studies in the monastic schools comprised the trivium and quadrivium, that is to say, grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and the theory of music.
  • The regular list of studies that came to be adopted everywhere comprised seven nominal branches, divided into two groups -- the so-called quadrivium, comprising music, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy; and the trivium comprising grammar, rhetoric, and logic.
  • Like di Giorgio, who emphasized the importance of the quadrivium for architecture, Pacioli declared that the defense of a republic was not possible without knowledge of arithmetic, geometry, and proportion, since all artillery instruments and military machines are the products of the discipline of mathematics.

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