IPA: kwɑdrˈun


  • (dated, chiefly historical) A person considered three-fourths white, having one non-white grandparent.


  • (dated, chiefly historical) Of or related to quadroons.

Examples of "quadroon" in Sentences

  • The guy was a quadroon not a mulatto.
  • Half black is a mulatto, a quarter black is a quadroon.
  • "Ah, was it Miss Dumont's -- that is, the quadroon's servant."
  • Look at our coverage of quadroon vs. multiracial as an example.
  • On the same evening, what was called a quadroon ball took place.
  • The quadroon girls and Marietta leave to prepare for the wedding.
  • Robinson speculates that she may technically have been a quadroon.
  • "No: not half black, only a quarter -- what they call a quadroon in the
  • As such, calling someone a mulatto, quadroon or octoroon can be a grave insult.
  • Alice Cromley was a quadroon, the greatest Creole beauty the Vieux Carré had ever seen.
  • Havanna, and the "quadroon" balls of New Orleans -- everywhere in the crowded haunts of the world.
  • The love of the quadroon was my source of pleasure; but, alas! pain predominated as my thoughts dwelt upon the Creole!
  • A quadroon is the child of a mestize mother and a white father, as a mestize is the child of a mulatto mother and a white father.
  • Even his own child, by a black woman or a mulatto, when the child is called a quadroon, and is very often as white as any English child, is frequently
  • In Louisiana or the West Indies she would have been called a quadroon, or more loosely, a creole; in North Carolina, where fine distinctions were not the rule in matters of color, she was sufficiently differentiated when described as a bright mulatto.

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