IPA: kwɑdrˈʌmvɝʌt


  • Synonym of quattuorvirate.

Examples of "quadrumvirate" in Sentences

  • When the revolutionary quadrumvirate split into two factions -- Villa -
  • If it could be made effective this quadrumvirate was to endure for years.
  • He had the justification in his own mind that the quadrumvirate had been ready to desert him anyhow.
  • The local banks at the behest of the big quadrumvirate might be coerced into straining their resources still further.
  • There can be a motion of no confidence in the whole ruling triumvirate or quadrumvirate but not in an individual leader.
  • Here was not only a loophole for himself in connection with his own subtle side-plays, but also, if the quadrumvirate desired, an excuse for deserting the troublesome fortunes of Hull & Stackpole.
  • Mr. Gilgan, so Cowperwood knew, was only one of a new quadrumvirate setting out to rule the city, but he pretended to believe that he was the last word — an all power and authority — after the fashion of McKenty.
  • Naturally, the minor speculators throughout the city — those who had expected to make a fortune out of this crash — raged and complained, but, being faced by an adamantine exchange directorate, a subservient press, and the alliance between the big bankers and the heavy quadrumvirate, there was nothing to be done.

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