IPA: kwɑdrˈupˈɛdʌɫ


  • Walking on four feet.

Examples of "quadrupedal" in Sentences

  • Quadrupedal movement for exercise.
  • The redeemer isn't tripedal, it's quadrupedal.
  • The earliest known fully quadrupedal sirenians.
  • Posture has changed from quadrupedal to bipedal.
  • The main characteristic of the UTS is the quadrupedal gait.
  • It was a quadrupedal ornithischian or bird hipped dinosaur.
  • Mountain Gorillas are primarily terrestrial and quadrupedal.
  • Possums are quadrupedal diprotodont marsupials with long tails.
  • As a sauropod, it would have been a large quadrupedal herbivore.
  • In conjunction with the femur, the humerus suggests arboreal quadrupedalism.
  • And of course, wherever you go out of doors, your quadrupedal pal can follow.
  • Chimpanzees, which are mostly quadrupedal, do not show these vertebral adaptations.
  • Food for myself and the various quadrupedal residents of my house has been procured.
  • While still quadrupedal omnivores, the range of body types and sizes among dogs is extraordinary.
  • They are often seen mocking the second group, which treats their dogs as quadrupedal, slobbery people.
  • Now we have the possibility that the chimps and gorillas may actually be on their way from a bipedal ancestor to a quadrupedal descendant!
  • The sight of the armored, snorting, quadrupedal intruder, eyes bloodshot and nostrils flaring in the moonlight, gave even the belligerent Krasvin pause.
  • Could anyone really believe that a quadrupedal animal would give birth to an animal with three limbs, one of which was a leg adapted for bipedalism, and then have to wait to fro the second leg to ‘evolve’ whatever that would mean in that context?

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