IPA: kwɑdrˈupɫʌt


  • A set of four, particularly
  • (music) A tuplet of four notes.
  • A sequence of four elements.
  • One of a group of four, particularly one of four babies born from the same mother during the same birth.
  • A cycle for carrying four riders, arranged so that all the riders can assist in the propulsion.

Examples of "quadruplet" in Sentences

  • The second quadruplet has another value modulo 6.
  • This is the flow field associated with a 'quadruplet'.
  • Each training rating is a quadruplet of the form codice_1.
  • The quadruplet towers were located at the front of the mall.
  • A prime quadruplet of this form is also called a prime decade.
  • The following quadruplet of forms should make this point clear.
  • A prime quadruplet of this form is also called a 'prime decade'.
  • People always say that this quadruplet rhythm is for light verse.
  • Four quadruplet eighth notes would also equal a dotted quarter note.
  • Four 'quadruplet' eighth notes would also equal a dotted quarter note.
  • Less frequent are litters of quadruplet, quintuplet, and even sextuplet kids.
  • This method is partly why I have seen more quadruplet fawns than many think possible.
  • At a zoo in Taiyuan, China, the birth of quadruplet white tiger cubs on June 20 was an exciting event.
  • Wrote a number of poems about alcohol, as befits a poet of the Prohibition, using that same quadruplet rhythm.
  • Hell if you were birthing quadruplet boys or a goat or pretty much anything, I'd trade places with you in a second.
  • His body is constantly threatening to spill out of his dishevelled clothes: he really needs a quadruplet, not a doublet.
  • He suffered a life threatening disease in 2008, but fought his way back to health for his wife, quadruplet daughters and new baby girl.
  • In Michigan we are finding that gun laws are getting less and less restrictive this year they are doing away with the "Safty Inspections" registration of handguns all together, when you purchase a handgun you fill out a quadruplet form and one copy goes to the store, one to the local P.D. or Sheriff's office, one to the State Police, and one to the purchaser.

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