IPA: kˈɛstɝ


  • (historical) An Ancient Roman official responsible for public revenue and other financial affairs.
  • (historical) The Quaestor sacri palatii of the late Roman Empire and Byzantium; first generally a legislator, then judicial official, and eventually an honorary title by the 14th century.
  • (historical) In the Middle Ages, an officer who announced indulgences.

Examples of "quaestor" in Sentences

  • The first official post was that of quaestor.
  • Sulla increased the college to twenty quaestors.
  • He is one of five MEPs to hold the position of Quaestor.
  • The allocation of quaestors was supervised by the senate.
  • This man of humble origins was a quaestor and later a law clerk.
  • Election as quaestor entitled you to life membership of the Senate.
  • The Cabinet shall consist of the Censor, the Praetor and the Quaestor.
  • He served as quaestor for three consecutive terms in Narbonensis Gaul.
  • He was a quaestor in 58, but he was never seen in politics after that.
  • Other magistracies in the Republic include praetors, aediles, and quaestors.
  • Scrofa served as quaestor, and Quinctius was the cavalry commander who had tricked Spartacus at Cantenna.
  • Toranius served as Variniuss quaestor, a financial official with various civil and military responsibilities.
  • He had only been back in Rome for a few days, following his term as quaestor in Umbria, and was avid for the latest news.
  • Cicero was brilliant and a former quaestor but he was young; Verres was defended by the greatest advocate of the day, Hortensius.
  • Atalaric (such an official is called "quaestor" [65] by the Romans), and invited Belisarius to come to Rome, promising to put the city into his hands without a battle.
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