IPA: kwˈɑf


  • The act of quaffing; a deep draught.
  • Misspelling of coif. [A hairdo.]


  • To drink or imbibe with vigour or relish; to drink copiously; to swallow in large draughts.

Examples of "quaff" in Sentences

  • I can quaff water well.
  • Thanks for the frothy refreshingly beverage to quaff.
  • The men roast hot dogs and quaff cocoa at the same time.
  • I have this bottle of Spudka and I've been planning to quaff.
  • The challenge for beer drinkers is to figure out where to quaff.
  • Thanks for the frothy refreshingly beverage to quaff, much appreciated.
  • Orange crush cosmo a libation to quaff at autumn and Halloween parties.
  • They watch the game, shoot pool, play darts and quaff a beer on weekends.
  • Moviegoers will soon have a chance to quaff an ale or sip a glass of wine.
  • No one is foolish enough to quaff from the Columbia; but go ahead, be our guest.
  • But we shall continue to so quaff, mostly because "quaff" is such a cool word to type.
  • By the mid 1990s, PT's was known as a place to hang out and quaff beer and shoot pool and lose track of time.
  • Sit yet a little longer, poor mother, and wait in meek expectation to lift the hats from those shining curly heads, and see those rosy lips quaff from the little silver cups; yet a little longer wait - and hope!

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